The Landscape and Recent Developments of Civic and Citizenship Education Across the Latin American Region


This chapter was invited to provide a description of the landscape of the international dimension of IEAs International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) within the Latin American region. These authors possess extensive experience in analyzing and publishing from these datasets. The chapter begins by describing their professional, academic, and personal involvement with IEAs civic education studies. This is followed by an analytical review of peer-reviewed articles, books, as well as research projects that included ICCS data as part of their empirical evidence. It also describes the people, institutions, and research teams that have been involved in these projects. The result of this review is divided into two sections: a characterization of the topics that have proven relevant for the region, and mapping of the specific overlaps between these topics and the contents of the ICCS datasets. Finally, there are specific suggestions that could contribute to raising the profile of ICCS as a key resource for the discourse on civic education in Latin America.

In Barbara Malak-Minkiewicz & Judith Torney-Purta: Influences of the IEA Civic and Citizenship Education Studies: Practice, Policy, and Research Across Countries and Regions. 261–275. Cham: Springer International Publishing ISBN: 978-3-030-71102-3